• Websites & Print

    Websites & Print

    Communication with your clients is key - my expertise will put your best face forward, in print or on the web.

  • Tech & Training

    Tech & Training

    Computer repair, maintenance, installation purchasing. Get the RIGHT gear working right.

  • Images and Gallery

    Images and Gallery

    Gallery, Image Restoration, Creative

Websites / Print

Get your message out with a website that includes: Slideshows, Galleries, Responsive Design, with a modern look that is unique to you. Name registration, Hosting and E-mails can be set up on my Dreamhost™ provider, or I can use your existing provisions.

I can set you up with E-Commerce sites, as well as integration with existing services, Data / image entry, or redesign or maintain your existing E-Commerce site.

Accompany this with Business Cards, Printed brochures, Lookbooks, Folders, Imprinted Products, Signs, Banners, even full blown Magazine format print, on paper or on the web. Logo design and artwork vectorization too!

Just imagine it. I'll know where to get it and can work within your budget.

Tech Support &Training

Working in the Greater New York City area, and NorthWest New Jersey with personalized at your door service.

For home, small business or by Contract for larger businesses.

Repair, Advise, Purchasing Assistance, Networking Issues, and Operating System help.

I also specialize in Open Source solutions, and do not make commissions from purchasing decisions. Open Source means that you do not need to pay for the software, or licensing, or limit to how many computers the software goes on.
Training available for Business groups, Families, or Individual 1 on 1 tutoring.


Visit my photo gallery.
My life has revolved around images, expression, creativity and humor. Although I would not consider myself a 'professional' photographer, I have been taking pictures since the time of 120 x 120 film and Rolliflex dual lens cameras. My new Fugi Digital is much easier to handle, and more fun.

Some of these images were taken from film prints though, from the time before digital, and consumer grade processed, then run through Photoshop years later.

The business end of this includes:
Photography, Photo Restoration, Computer Art, (especially logos) and Audio.

In fact, I'm available for voice overs and narration for your productions. I can't sing though. I tried once.

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There is a difference between a Contractor and a Freelancer, although they are often used interchangeably, they are really different sides of the same coin. Learn more here!

Lelanda can help make your concepts a reality.

While I am only one person - or so I'm told - I also have a network of specialists, and companies that I have worked with that I trust. I've seen what they do and can vouch for it. So while I don't have a printing press, a sign shop, hair salon, Clothing shopping service, prototyping shop, I know and have worked with those who do.

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