# Univac
Attended Albany State University , learned to program a Univac 1100/80 using assembly language, and COBOL on a Cardpunch machine.
True Story!

First programming job was with Playnet, an online gaming and chat system for the Commodore 64 that was the precursor to AOL.

Went on to become phone support tech, remote troubleshooting system issues with customers across the nation.

Went on to learn desktop publishing at one of the first self service computer-based printshops, called 'Compose Yourself & Print It'. They used Macintosh SE. When we finally got a COLOR macintosh, I thought I was in heaven.

Designed first website in 1994, using open source software, and notepad, all over a blazing fast 56000 baud modem.

In 1996 I joined Circuit City Stores IT Department as a service technician, part of a team that provided support for the 5000+ onsite employees at the national corporate headquarters, and later was in charge of remote support for our 40+ regional offices.

Well, we all know what happened to Circuit City, but I swear it wasn't my fault.

Circuit City Headquarters
Have a Thrilling Season!

It did well, but family matters took me to Northern New Jersey, where I remain.

I continue to work in destop publishing, graphic arts, prepress, computer repair, websites, photoshoots. I rebranded the business as Lelanda.com, because it's SO much easier to remember.

I am a strong advocate of Linux and Open Source Software, which this site is based on. I currently service the Northern New Jersy, and New York City area.

I got to take the summer off.

I had just purchased a digital camera after a lifetime of 35mm film. I joined forces with a vetrenary clinic and doggie daycare by setting up a Pet Photography shop at the Crossroads West Veterenary Center, in Richmond VA. I called it 'The Brightroom.biz'. It was a LOT of fun! Here are some of the pictures I took there.

These pictures are from my Gallery, so go there to see even more pictures.

Crossroads West Vet Center

The End!

Lelands Picture

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