What do I charge for services?

This depends on the type of project. Usually I'm more comfortable billing by the hour, my rate is $25 per hour for actual production work. Training is $15 per hour because, I like to be nice, patient and take time with you.

What if I don't have the money now, but can pay you later?

NOPE. Half up front, the other half due on delivery.

Do you make house calls?

Currently no, although we can schedule a time to meet. I'm currently away from the NYC area, although when there, I DO like to make house calls.

Are you available 24/7


Can you teach my kids/grandparents how to use the computer?

Wait... your kids don't know how to use a computer? No, I don't believe that. Grandparents, sure!! I love working with our elderly folks. In fact I cherish the opportunity to help those over 50 deal with this whole computer technology stuff. (I'm over 50 but I got my tech training while very young) In fact, if you are affiliated with a nursing home, or something similar, please contact me. I can conduct classes, and enjoy spending time and talent with the elderly.