Areas of Expertise



Field Technician for Small Business or Individual/Family, Internally Repair and rebuild of Desktop, Laptop, some LCD Monitors. Diagnose printers, scanners, other peripherals. This can be either freelancing as needed, or under contract as part / full time.


Website services and E-Commerce can be set up through my server at or on your server. Pricing is quite reasonable, and feature set is ever expanding. I build sites that let you extend that content on your own, and can co-brand with printed material, as per below.

My second career has been in Marketing, Print-shops, and Corporate Advertising. As a Freelancer, I worked on Steel Notes Magazine, the entire issue is either to be printed out or exist purely in browser form. This would apply to a book or catalog. I also do Banners, Posters, Car Appliques, and Windows Advertising.


I come from a family of educators, so this comes naturally. I am comfortable in front of groups, and interact with the audience. and can teach on a wide variety of computer related topics, from Basic use, to Network Administration. Classroom training in house, or individual one on one tutoring is available. I am licensed for Vocational Education.


I repair damaged negatives, slides, and prints, can provide event photography in electronic and high quality print or website format. Say you have a drawerful of negatives, and slides; they can be turned into high quality, high resolution digital files and stored in the cloud for you to share, or print.
Can also do product shots, and staff directory and personalized corporate shots.


Greater New York City Area

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Bronx

In New Jersey

  • Essex County
  • Morris County
  • Southern Passaic County
  • South Bergen

Of course, if you live out side of these areas and have an internet or design and printing project for me to work on I'm always glad to 'telecommute'.