Computer Technician Services

Sometimes it seems just easier - and sometimes less expensive to buy a new PC and forget the problems and issues with the old one. It's great to keep up with technology, no doubt, but does that mean your old PC is worthless? Not True! There are inexpensive solutions to make that PC useful - if not for you, maybe a member of the family. Most people use computers for three things: Surf the internet - music, videos, research, send and receive e-mail, and a bit of office work, such as wordprocessing, spreadsheets and storing photo alums. None of these requires anything near the power of the latest computers, and nowadays tablets.


From a single home computer and printer, to a small office, your systems will be hooked up properly, and securely. I am also available to provide ongoing maintenance and expansion under contract.


Not every issue needs a service call. Often a simple question can be answered over the phone, I strive to save you time and money by finding the shortest route to a solution..


Do you have a PC that used to run Windows 95 and now just gives you error messages, er, that is before it found a new home in the back of the downstairs closet? Windows is not your only option! There are several linux solutions available for older PC's that make them work as new. Linux is easy to use and you will have access to tons of free software that you probably paid hundereds of dollars for in the past! Best of all, E-mail, Web browsers, and Office Software are all compatible with Mac and PC, with a look and feel that you will be comfortable and familiar with.


It can be scary when strange things start happening with your computer - or when you can't get anything done because of popup ads, and a 'jammed' internet connection, or constant, often fake, virus alerts. Antivirus software can be installed, but it does not always fix all the issues with an infected PC. Often, these problems need to be removed 'by hand' before the system can be secured by antivirus / anti-malware software.


Repair of components us usually fairly easy. The difficulty is knowing what part to plug where, especially on an older system. Searching the internet for that part is often time consuming and frustrating, so that is when you pick up the phone and call me!