Right now I'm doing one on one training only. Soon I will be teaching groups in a classroom, I'm still working out the details.

The subjects listed below are not exhaustive. I have a vast knowledge of software AND hardware, so this is a good general sample, as well as the "Custom" section - which can be tailored to YOUR IMMEDIATE needs. In some cases, I may need to learn your software first, however I'm a very quick study and don't charge for that part, obviously. For instance, if you are setting up a website, and need to know how the website builder works, I will generally need to take some time with it to get used to how to do things with that specific software. Also as there is generally 'help' available, I can look up what help websites, topics, and resources are most understandable and useful, so you can continue training on your own after the beginner course. Advanced courses can be made available.


Setup, Networking and File Organization Program File Associations Open Source Software Peripheral Setup
Scanning Basics Emailing through web browser Setting up Email through Outlook/Thunderbird Programs to use for what types of files
Microsoft Office: Word and Excel Beginner Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator/InDesign Beginning Dreamweaver FTP Basics: Filezilla