Website Design

Website services can be set up through my server at or on your server, if you already have it provisioned. Pricing is quite reasonable, and feature set is ever expanding, and excellent. The sites I build let you extend that content on your own, or with the help of a staffer, as I generally prefer not to engage in ongoing maintenance. All include goodies such as slideshows, responsive design for tablets and phones, SEO and can easily be supplemented with co-branded printed material.

As far as I'm concerned there are three types of websites.


This system, now used almost extensively for all commercial website, is very flexible. It does not need any coding to change the actual contents. To move items around on the screen, often it's a matter of selecting what you want moved, and dragging it to where you want it. Things like slideshows, and galleries are easy to set up, change pictures, change format. The only time you would need some coding is to change the basic underlying elements, such as border colors, background colors or image, and other low level details.

Examples of website content management systems that I support are:

Joomla Concrete-5 ( this site ) WordPress


You want this if you are selling more than 10 items, or if your product inventory fluctuates, and you want to have nice things like coupons, sales specials, items that belong together. In short if you want to be the next Amazon. However, please know that just setting up an E-Commerce website will not sell ANYTHING. You also need to cross promote on say, Amazon, Etsy, EBay, Craigslist at the very least. Fairly recently, there's been a great deal of overlap between Content Management Systems and E-Commerce, but the support and level of detail you need to work with is much greater with an E-Commerce site. Anything less than 10 items can be sole with much less hassle in a content management system.
Examples of E-Commerce systems that I support are:

Zencart Megento Ecommerce Templates


This type of software is great for managing Sales People, Lead and Prospect lists and call history, Marketing Projects management, Inventory, attaching relevant documents, so you could go back and say "this sales person sent this document to this prospect or customer". And if the prospect or customer says they didn't get it, then you can just easily check you have their correct e-mail, and send it again.

It is mainly intended for use by all levels of a multi person company, or if you are an on-the-go salesperson.

Examples of E-Commerce systems that I support are: