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Written by Leland Maurello   
Saturday, 18 May 2013 04:54

The Difference between a Freelancer and Consultant

What's the difference?


A Freelancer works on a project to project basis, to do the actual work requested, and bills on a project, or hourly basis, depending on the amount of work expected. The freelancer usually works at their own home or office, but - where possible, will often meet with the client ( you ) a few times: At the very beginning of a project, and part way through, if there are special things that need to be done, in my case, such as scanning valuable documents you don't want leaving your posession, or coming to your home or business to find out why a wireless router works intermittantly. In most cases a Freelancer will have a fixed or hourly price for completing projects, let's say, $25 for designing and procuring print services for a busines card, $150 for a brochure, $500-1000 for a website setup and hourly rates for ongoing maintenance. However, at the end of the project, or multiple projects, the project is considered complete, and final payment is tendered. Usually there will be an up-front deposit, and more payment based on milestones, if it a larger project. Even during a project, the Freelancer is free to start other projects with other clients. However, by contract, they are bound to complete the work the client requests.


A Consultant works on your premises - usually a business, and works for a longer term, usuallly multiple projects, and may retain outside help ( subcontract ) for portions of the work that needs to be done.

In some cases the Consultant may act as an advisor, and manage internal projects, rather than do the actual work; the value is that their expertise will help complete the project where a direct manager may not have the time or expertise to successfully guide their staff through to completion, or process.

While it may sound similar, the key differences are logevity and scope of poject(s), and also the possibility of hiring the Contractor as part of your team, to become a part or full time employee. Payment is usually tendered weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and is based on a set hourly rate, regardless of projects completed, as it is ongoing oversight, or advise to the client. For instance, it might be a case where a sales manager needs a trainer to come in and help train crews who are then sent out to various locations, to be replaced by a new set of crew to be sent to more locations. Another example would be to perform " Marketing Services " which would include Branding, Logo development, Print collateral, two or three websites, and launch various social media campaigns.


Contracts.  Of course, you wouldn't lend out money on a handshake and a verbal - "Pay me back each month plus 6% and we'll all be happy".

For Freelancers, the contract is all important.  It clearly states the scope of work to be done, andy deadlines, and sets expectations for the Freelancer AND the Client. If either party does not live up to the contract, it is considered broken. and each is free to 'walk away'.

The contract can also help determine if work is done on a per hour or per project basis.

It helps define what the responsibilities of each are, for instance if the client is required to produce all graphics and copy for the Freelancer to then arrange, or if the Freelancer is expected to produce artork, and act as copywriter ( which of course, would be more costly ).


For consulting, there may not be a contract, but ongoing expectations, where the client stipulates the expectations, and the Contractor is obligated to those stipulations.

As such, if I am already contracting for a client, I will let you know and advise you to find another person for the project you wish, as my sole purpose in life will be to fulfill the lifecycle of the clients ongoing requests. Sort of like 'real work'

I hope this somewhat wordy explanation helps!

And if reading all this seems boring, I will soon be putting some fun graphics in to illustrate the point, much as I might do for you!

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Written by Leland Maurello   
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 02:21

Computer Services

Sometimes it seems just easier - and sometimes less expensive to buy a new PC and forget the problems and issues with the old one. It's great to keep up with technology, no doubt, but does that mean your old PC is worthless? Not True! There are inexpensive solutions to make that PC useful - if not for you, maybe a member of the family. Most people use computers for three things: Surf the internet - music, videos, research, send and receive e-mail, and a bit of office work, such as wordprocessing, spreadsheets and storing photo alums. None of these requires anything near the power of the latest computers, and nowadays tablets.
I also will visit your office, to troubleshoot and maintain the office network, printers, wireless. This could be either Freelance or Contract.


Website services can be set up through my server at Dreamhost.com or on your server, if you already have it provisioned. Pricing is quite reasonable, and feature set is ever expanding, and excellent. The sites I build let you extend that content on your own, or with the help of a staffer, as I generally prefer not to engage in ongoing maintenance. All include goodies such as slideshows, responsive design for tablets and phones, SEO and can easily be supplimented with co-branded printed material.

Page Layout

As the name implies, I put pretty things and happy messages ( at least I hope they are happy ) on pieces of paper. This also includes brochures, small booklets, and even full blown magazines. ( See http://issuu.com/steelnotesmagazine/docs/july_2014.1 ). In the example of Steel Notes Magazine, the entire magazine can be printed out - although it's rather expensive, say $40-$50, or it can exist purely as an electronic magazine. This would apply to a  book or brochure as well.

Photography &  pRINT RESTORATION

I repair damaged negatives, slides, and prints, can provide event photography in electronic and high quality print or website format.

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Written by Leland Maurello   
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 16:50

Greater New York City Area

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Bronx

In New Jersey

  • Essex County
  • Morris County
  • Southern Passaic County
  • South Bergen

Of course, if you live out side of these areas and have an internet or printing project for me to work on I'm always glad to 'telecommute'.

Generally I like to have one or two meetings, usually 1 to kick off with, and 1 in the middle of the project. If you want, one at the very end, but really, payment, and job well done are all I need to be happy and to make sure you're happy!

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Written by Leland Maurello   
Monday, 11 August 2008 00:42

About Me

Attended Albany State University in 1980, learned to program a Univac 1100/80 using assembly language on a cardpunch machine.

Right? No kidding!

First programming job was with Playnet, an online gaming and chat system for the Commodore 64 that was the precursor to AOL.

Went on to become phone support tech, remote troubleshooting system issues with customers across the nation.

Went on to learn desktop publishing at one of the first self service computer-based printshops, called 'Compose Yourself & Print It'. They used Macintosh SE. When we finally got a COLOR macintosh, I thought I was in heaven.

Designed first website in 1994, using open source software, and notepad, all over a blazing fast 56000 baud modem.

In 1996 I joined Circuit City Stores IT Department as a service technician, part of a team that provided support for the 5000+ onsite employees at the national corporate headquarters, and later was in charge of remote support for our 40+ regional offices.

Well, we all know what happened to Circuit City, but I swear it wasn't my fault. I got to take the summer off, and I had just purchased a digital camera after a lifetime of 35mm film. I joined forces with a vetrenary clinic and doggie daycare by setting up a Pet Photography shop at the Crossroads West Veterenary Center, in Richmond VA. I called it 'The Brightroom'. It was a LOT of fun!

It did well, but family matters took me to Northern New Jersey, where I remain.

I continue to work in destop publishing, graphic arts, prepress, computer repair, websites, photoshoots. I am a strong advocate of Linux and Open Source Software, which this site is based on. I currently service the Northern New Jersy, and New York City area.

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