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Page Layout & Design

My father wrote three books on graphic arts in the 1950's and 1960's. "How to do PASTE-UPS and MECHANICALS", "COMMERCIAL ART TECHNIQUES" and "THE COMPLETE AIRBRUSH BOOK"commercial_art_techniques_small

They were fairly well received, and there was one more on the way about 'Typography'. My mother asked if I wanted to finish the book, and after looking at the collected notes realized that from 1970 to 1985 represented such a change in technology that his efforts amounted to a small forgotten footnote in technological history. I was already on the Macintosh, and only kept his drawers full of press-type for sentimental reasons. My how things have changed!

I still find myself working on a project though, and thinking 'this was how it used to be done' and while the rules and guidelines are still valid, the techniques are worlds apart. It was however, my foundation.

I use the Adobe Creative Suite to create both page layout, and illustrations. The Adobe series integrates with website creation quite well, making the transition from print to web easy. I have worked in printshops since the mid 1980's so I am familiar with more software than I care to think about, many types of techniques for putting print projects together, and lots of tricks for keeping your projects on budget.



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Circuit City Recruitment Brochure


First North American National Bank Recruitment Brochure
New Life Nutra Marketing Package
West Orange Film Society Flyer
Natasha NYC 2009 Retail Catalog
Natasha NYC 2010 Retail Catalog
Christmas Card
Thinking of YOU card
Flyer for WRIR Benefit Concert
Postcards for WRIR Benefit Concert